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Our company DANEK & PARTNERS seamlessly integrates business, science, and law to help our clients protect their intellectual property, extract maximum value from their IP assets, and reduce the risk of infringing the rights of others. The abilities of the firm’s partners and staff enable us to offer the full spectrum of advice on practically every aspect in the field of intellectual property.

Overview of selected patent related topics:

Right to a Patent Search and Monitoring
The right to a patent shall belong to the inventor or his successor in title. The inventor is the person who has made the invention by means of his own creative work. Joint inventors shall be entitled to a patent in the proportion in which they have participated in the creation of the invention We have the in-house ability to conduct searches for the Czech and Slovak Republic, European Community and most worldwide regions. We also search, utilizing experienced search firms in all countries.
Patentability of Inventions
Patents shall be granted for any inventions which are new, which involve an inventive step and which are susceptible of industrial application. We offer the maintenance of annuities or renewals and we can communicate directly with the owner, inventor or with the attorney of an IP right.
European Patent Prosecution Unfair Competition Law, Litigation, Enforcement of Industrial Property Rights and Remedial Measures
The European patent system is a procedure by which a single patent application my be filed at the European Patent Office under the European Patent Convention (“EPC”) to obtain patents in a number of European countries. We represent clients’ interests on both sides of these issues in courts as well as Offices throughout the Czech Republic. In addition, firm attorneys assist and consulted in connection with enforcement activities worldwide playing key roles in the strategy and coordination of foreign litigation.